Vik Schroeder’s Awards

Florence (Italy)     The Int. Award        Prize Leonardo da Vinci            6.Februar 2022
        at the Borghese Palace     The Universal Artist                  Covered by the Press   

Padua (Italy)         Vasilij Kandinsky Award             Music and Colour 2018               
        My prize         Medalia di Onoreficenza Premio V. Kandinsky         Covered by the Press.  

Padua (Italy)          The ART of NATURE                                                                       December 2018     
        My prize         Winner Cup                                                      Covered by the Press  

Padua (Italy)    International Contemporary Art 2019             Golden Prize 2019

        QueenArtStudio Gallery                                                                             01.06.2019             
My prize        Medalia di Merito                                              Covered by the Press

Venice (Italy)   58te Venice Biennale Time in MURANO ART EXPO                       October, 2019.      

Bangkok (Thailand)                 It is Humanity      Images of the World                         December 2019

        Museum Contemporary Art Expo. Bangkok Art And Culture Centre (Bacc)

        Audience Choice Award                                                         Covered by the Press  

Vienna (Austria)           Austrian Art Week                                                               28.01-05.02.2020 

           2-nd place at the int. competition of classical painting in the nomination Architecture